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Mandatory cooperation.

Completion of bankruptcy forms is time consuming, complex and difficult. You must cooperate with this office. Only you have the information necessary to complete the forms. We will not gather records and documents from your creditors. You must perform this task. If you fail to provide documents or information requested, I might terminate the relationship; if I do so, all fees paid are considered earned and no refund is made.

Honest Answers.

You must answer all questions of your attorney and complete all forms in an honest manner. When asked questions by representatives of the court or the U. S. government, you must answer honestly. Fraudulent misrepresentations made in your bankruptcy proceeding are a crime. The FBI investigates bankruptcy crimes. They are also grounds for denial of a discharge of your debts. These crimes are actively prosecuted by the U. S. Attorney's Office of the Department of Justice. If you lie, you may go to jail.

Read All Documents. Bankruptcy is serious and requires your undivided attention.

You are responsible for the accuracy of all petitions, schedules, statements, reaffirmation agreements, motions, etc., filed with the Bankruptcy Court. Carefully review all documents presented to you. If you believe information is inaccurate, or you do not understand the meaning of the document or terms contained therein, then it is your responsibility to bring those issues to the attention of your attorney. Do not sign documents which are incorrect, have inaccurate information, or you do not understand. In addition, you will be provided other documents that you are required to read prior to the creditor's examination. Only you can verify the accuracy of your documents.

Creditor's Examination.

Each debtor must undergo examination. You must personally appear, be placed under oath, and answer questions concerning your bankruptcy. Attendance at creditor's hearings is mandatory and failure to attend means that your proceeding may be dismissed. Creditor's hearings are not continued except for extreme emergencies, such as hospitalization or death. Continuances, which are caused by you, may result in additional charges. You will be required to bring records or documents of your financial condition to the creditor's examination.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Fees.

Fees are quoted over the phone.

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