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Bankruptcy is a Process

Bankruptcy is a process, provided by the U. S. Congress, by which you can get out of debt and live without the burden of a mountain of debt that you may never be able to repay. Most, perhaps all, of your debt will be discharged and you will get a fresh start, a breath of fresh air, with which you can begin to live normally again. Discover a debt free world!

Bankruptcy Could Happen to Anyone

The majority of people in need of financial relief find themselves in financial difficulty because of the loss of a job, a severe reduction in overtime or regular hours at work, medical bills, or divorce. These are good, honest people who have been proud of their ability to repay their debts in the past, but suddenly find themselves unable to do so. Bankruptcy may be the best solution to their financial problems.

Bankruptcy is Unpredictable

In addition, the credit industry can turn a manageable financial situation into a disaster by dramatically raising the interest rate on your credit card, lowering your credit limit, or changing other credit terms simply because you exceed your credit limit, miss a payment, or, apparently, for any reason at all. Your ability to juggle and keep all of the balls in the air can suddenly stop if any of these events happen to you.


The Law Office of David L. Stretch focuses on bankruptcy law, particularly for those individuals who may need to file a bankruptcy petition under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code, individuals known as "consumer debtors". The office does not represent creditors. Bankruptcy is a rapidly changing area of law. In October 2005, the bankruptcy code was substantially changed by the U. S. Congress. As a result, it has been necessary for bankruptcy lawyers to participate in continuing legal education programs designed to explain the new bankruptcy code, to research new court case law opinions, and to be aware of new court rules and procedures.


The Law Office of David L. Stretch is committed to keeping up with the latest developments in consumer bankruptcy law, and Attorney Stretch has participated in educational programs presented by the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI), the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA), the National Business Institute (NBI), the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education (IICLE), and others.

Client Care and Dignity

The Law Office of David L. Stretch is committed to respect the dignity of each client, to listen carefully, and to thoroughly review every document that is part of a bankruptcy filing. You can expect to be treated with understanding and respect, and will find each interaction with the Law Office of David L. Stretch to be pleasant, friendly, and always professional.

The Law Office of David L. Stretch is glad to answer quick questions over the telephone, or in an email message, and initial client consultation meetings are free of charge.